Type Studio- An Online Webcam and Screen Recorder Tool for Teachers and Educators

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Few days ago I reviewed WeVideo and discussed how it can be used to create instructional videos by recording both your screen and webcam. Today, I am sharing another equally interesting online webcam and screen recorder tool called Type Studio.  This is a studio editing tool that combines recording and editing services in a single platform. 

You can use Type Studio for a wide variety of education purposes including: to create tutorials,  instructional video content,  explainers, video stories, step-by-step guides, training videos, and many more. The process is simple and easy and no video editing experience is required. Type Studio is all web-based, no need for any software download.

Type Studio has a powerful editor that enables you to customize and edit your videos the way you like. You can add different styles, images, fonts and many more. You can also add auto subtitles to your videos, add text overlays, activate the auto translation functionality to automatically translate your videos into different languages. 

Screen and webcam recorder

Type Studio is a powerful screen and webcam recorder that lets create video recordings of your screen without the need to install any software or program. Your screen recordings are automatically saved to your account and you can edit them anywhere, anytime. For instance, you can transcribe your screen captures, translate transcribed text into different languages, cut and trim videos, add text or subtitles, and more. Final screen recording can be shared via a generated link.

Online video to text converter

Type Studio is also a text-based video editor that can automatically transcribe all your video into text.The transcribed text can be translated into over 30 languages. You can also export it as a .srt, vtt, or .txt file with optional timestamps. The way it works is simple: upload your audio or video as .mp4 or .mov and Type Studio does the rest. 

It automatically recognizes the speech and transcribes your recording. You can edit the transcription and share both the video and the text page via email or embed them into a blog or website. In fact, the video to text converter is a great way to convert your videos into blog posts or articles to share online.

Voice-over Translator

The Voice-over translator  helps you create multilingual video content. You can record your video and use the tool's synthesized voice-overs to have it spoken into different languages. You can choose among various languages and voices (women, men). Once completed, the generated speech is overlaid as a voice-over instead of your own voice on top of your video'.

Type Studio video templates

Type Studio offers access to a wide range of pre-designed video templates to use in your own video projects. There are video templates with various layouts and styles. Browse through the collections and when you find the one you like click to use it. With a single click you can apply it to your video and edit it the way you want. You also have the option to create your video template from scratch and save it to use in multiple video projects.

How much does Type Studio cost?

Type Studio offers both free and premium plans. The free plan is very limited and offers the following features: 10 minutes per month, edit videos up to 10 minutes long, 1 seat, 1GB of storage, Type Studio branding. To unlock enhanced features you need to upgrade to one of the three premium subscriptions: Starter ($12/month), Pro ($20./month), and Team ($36/month).

Watch this video to learn more about Type Studio